What came first? The chicken or the chicken?

With today’s digital media, copyright has to be one of the top concerns when it comes to web based content.  There is a TON of information, and media being posted and shared throughout cyber space everyday.  It’s important to give credit where credit is due.  Kinda like in school where they WILL bust you for plagiarism, you can easily get caught in a net of issues for plagiarizing and posting content that isn’t yours.  However, I think this is good that there are systems in place to say, “Hey, that’s my content, I can prove it, give me credit or take it down!”.  Many times it can be the most unintentional/harmless act, but other times it could be trying to make some coin off another’s work.  From the clip we saw in lecture about Disney, they seems to be the king of copyright lawsuits!  I better not say too much more about that before they come and wipe this blog….

(UN)Open Access

So what grabbed me right off the bat, was the title for such a closed system.  “Open Access”.  I think it was name completely out of context.  Unless you go to a school that pays a fortune up front, or have some super secret back door access to scholarly articles and journals, YOU’RE the one that better get the saw out because you’ll be paying an arm and a leg for service.  Even when I try to do research now:  I’ll go through my browser, click here and click there, and bam! Denied. When I search that article name through the UW-M library database I am provided that article and a wealth of other resources.  Filtration on the open access system isn’t the greatest, until you really shave down to the nitty gritty to get what you truly need/want in front of you.  Upon the general search return you may be offered wonderful articles…..that are outdated, or disproven theory…you may need to look at dates or even do research of research to make sure what we have is credible.

Blog + Podcast = BlogCast?

So this week in class we went over a decent amount of information when it comes to podcasts.  To be honest, never knew that much about them other that anyone can make em’ and anyone can listen to them.  However, one thing that was mentioned was the bias people may hold for either text or audio/video.  I personally like to read stuff, maybe it’s a pretentious action on my side so I can say “Yea, I actually read!”…which is said to nobody…. Anywhoozle, I can see the benefits to an audio podcast.  Reading is done in a casual manner, when time is there.  Podcasts can be on the go! I can plug my iPhone into my car speakers and listen on my 25 minute drive to and from school every day.  I certainly can’t, and shouldn’t, be reading something with that time!  I do see the future moving more towards audio-visual examples though.  Not calling anyone lazy, but it’s just the fact that it’s MUCH more convenient to sit back and absorb the information with your ears while performing other tasks.  People like doing two things at once

Caution: Contents in cup may be hotter than they appear

It’s kind of funny to stop and realize all of the labels that set in place for us as a society. “Warning: Hot” “please wash hands before returning to work” it’s like, really? Do the people setting these rules up really think that we are THAT stupid?? Maybe these thoughts are just overly cynical and the precautions are made to cover the ass of these businesses. I’m not really this morbid or hopeless in our society, just a caffeinated college boy…